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The RecOvent RX Series

The RX series of heat recovery units provides positive balanced ventilation of a room or building with the additional benefit of passive heat recovery by means of a high efficiency plate heat exchanger. This system reduces CO2 levels and also removes noxious fumes and odours from the internal environment, whilst at the same time recovering most of the heat in the discharged foul air that would otherwise be wasted to atmosphere.

Typically the RecOvent unit achieves greater than 70% heat recovery efficiency in the high range and 90% in the counterflow type which eliminates the necessity of providing any re-heating such as LPHW coil or electric heater battery within the system. The RecOvent is designed to reduce the primary fuel usage.

The RX series handles volumes from 0.1 to 2m³/s. Although there is a broad range of sizes they are often project specific, built to customers requirements so as to accommodate space and access limitations. Additionally the SS version has features that eliminate the possibility of noise regeneration in ultra-quiet areas. These have 50mm insulation, accoustic connections, improved fan isolation and lower unit velocities.

  • High efficiency heat recovery
  • Low energy consumption
  • Quiet energy efficient operation
  • Simple range of control systems
  • Quality construction
  • Balanced controlled ventilation
  • Reduces heat gains & air pollution
  • Environmentally sound product
  • Motorised bypass option
  • High efficiency centrifugal fans
  • Refrigerant-free cooling option
  • Eliminates condensation
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